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Update: Natural Sciences and Technology for Intermediate Phase (CAPS)

December 2012: We are pleased to now report that the Department of Basic Education has called for fresh submissions for this subject. The submissions are scheduled for the first week of January 2013, and we expect a catalogue will be released by the DBE to provinces in March 2013.

3 December 2012: Article updated by Alan Vesty, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Cambridge University Press African Branch

Earlier post:

We are currently not accepting orders for Study & Master Natural Sciences and Technology titles for Grades 4,5 and 6.

As you will be aware, the current National catalogue for the Intermediate Phase does not contain any Natural Sciences and Technology textbook titles, despite this being one of the subjects that forms part of the CAPS implementation plans for 2013.

Cambridge University Press developed and submitted Grade 4, 5 and 6 Natural Sciences and Technology textbooks and teacher's guides for the CAPS submission called for by by the Department of Basic Education. These titles received conditional approval during the first round of evaluation.

Shortly after this however, the DBE informed publishers that the CAPS curriculum document for Natural Sciences and Technology was being amended and that the evaluation process for this subject was on hold until further notice.

At the end of July 2012, new CAPS documents for Natural Sciences and Technology (Intermediate Phase) were posted on the Thutong website. To date, no notification of a resubmission process has been made by the DBE.

We are aware that there has been significant interest shown by teachers in our Study & Master Natural Sciences and Technology promotion copies for Grades 4 to 6, however our Board has taken the decision not to place the current versions of these titles into stock and cannot accept orders for same.

Naturally, we look forward to an announcement by the Department of Basic Education regarding resubmission dates for this subject, and will keep you posted on this matter.

14 September 2012: Article submitted by Alan Vesty, Digital Marketing Coordinator, African Branch, Cambridge University Press



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